The project at Place Vendôme has been completed – RCdesign
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The project at Place Vendôme has been completed

The column design already at the carpenter shop
July 16, 2018
Process of creating a complicated piece of furniture on the grounds of 3D design
July 16, 2018

The premises are of an impressive height - 5850mm in total, 3040 mm on the ground floor and 2310 mm on the first floor. We have visited Paris three times to perfectly measure the existing building, supervise demolishing and construction works and develop templates while taking care of each and every detail and its compliance with our instructions. We designed the entire premises in close cooperation with their architect and suggested many of the solutions – e.g. fixing mirrors at the height of 6m in a safe way. We transported more than 100m2 of mirrors with no slightest damage and the total development length exceeds 50mb